Oval shape of a fireplace type stove AVILA makes a cozy impression inside. The door handle, which is technically and design-wise an interesting detail, is worth noticing. Ceramic tiles transfer radiant heat into the room after the fire has burnt out.

  • Dimenzije

    1201 / 519 / 414 mm (V/Š/D)

  • Moč

    4.0 – 11.0 kW

  • Toplotni izkoristek

    80 %

  • Teža

    161 kg

  • Possibility to connect top or bottom venting
  • Central air inlet
  • Intake of secondary air, thanks to which the glass of the door is cleaned and therefore impurities do not settle on it
  • A lockable woodshed allows storing smaller supplies of wood or eco-briquettes